4 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-based Accounting

If you’ve been considering making the move to a cloud-based accounting system, you’re not alone. Cloud technology has impacted many business functions, including making managing financial aspects of your business easier and more efficient.

Cloud-based accounting moves your accounting from being hosted on your computer’s harddrive to an online platform. Cloud-based platforms like QuickBooks and Xero offer important features that save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on other important business activities.

Here are 4 reasons to switch to a cloud-based accounting system.

1. Efficient invoicing

If your business relies heavily on invoicing, an online accounting system like QuickBooks or Xero makes invoicing incredibly efficient. You can email invoices to clients directly through your software and track how long it’s been since the invoice went out.

Clients pay you through a link attached to the invoice, making the payment process easier for them, which increases the likelihood they’ll pay you sooner. If they pay through the system, your platform will mark the invoice as paid automatically. If their payment is late, the system alerts you.

Further, you can set up your software to send automatic reminders about late payments. Taxes are automatically calculated for you and you can set up recurring invoices and retainers to further automate your invoicing.

2. Paperless accounting

Managing your accounting through a cloud-based system enables you to move away from paper accounting. You don’t have to worry about where or how to store years of paperwork and files because everything is securely stored in the cloud. Likewise, you don’t have to go through boxes of files to find a receipt from two years ago, you can simply access the information through your computer.

It’s easy for you to share your records with your accountant, bookkeeper or anyone else who may need to collaborate on your finances. You don’t have to mail them physical copies of your financial transactions and statements, you can email them the information or give them access to your software.

3. Accessibility

With a cloud-based accounting system like QuickBooks or Xero, you don’t have to be in the office in front of your computer to access your financial information. You can see your ledgers and reports from anywhere, on any device. If you want to work from home one day, you can log in to your software from your smartphone if you want, to send invoices, check your reports, or manage expenses.

4. Accurate reporting

An important component of running your own business is reporting. Accurate reporting enables you to better manage your finances and understand your profitability. It’s vital for making informed decisions about your business.

Cloud accounting provides you with accurate reporting at the click of a button. Using systems like QuickBooks or Xero you can easily access profitability reports, income and expense reports and year-end reports.

The information is available to you automatically–you don’t have to spend hours in front of a calculator going through every invoice to see your numbers. Simply by keeping your records in a cloud-based system, you can easily generate accurate reports.

Final thoughts

If you’re hosting your accounting information on your computer harddrive, it’s worth looking into cloud-based accounting to see if you can benefit from the switch. Given the ease of invoicing and accurate record keeping, combined with the accessibility of a paperless system, you may find cloud-based accounting software is the right system for you.